Heads I win tales you lose

I finished work today at 2:30pm so that I wouldn't go over my quota of 20 hours per week. As I got in the car I started to think about where I could go for the next couple of hours to do things I wanted to do like work on design or learn a new content management system, or just catch up on my favorite RSS feeds, to see what's happening over at the the textpattern forums or what my favorite designer is writing about or laying out. Hmm. Where to go? Oh wait, Amy is home with Brighton, she didn't sleep well, and we all know Brighton is a handfull. Hmm. Should I rethink this? I think I'll stop by the coffee shop, just for a bit. So to make a long story short, I meant to go to the coffee shop, but I took a wrong turn and "couldn't be bothered" to go the long way around, and suddenly I was at home. Thank you Jesus. Amy ended not needing tons of help as Brighton was asleep when I got home, but its one more way I am continuing to see how self driven I am. A daily fear is that I will run out of time to do things I want to do. That somehow I will get gypped out of something that should be mine! Dangit! Man, Christ tells me again and again. Its not yours. You've never had anything but me to keep. I found this pie chart, that I think pretty much illustrates how I think about myself. Guess which slice is "MY TIME!"


At 2/01/2006, Anonymous dan said...

you and I are WAY TOO alike. the only difference is that My Time is probably 95% in my chart. I'm such a selfish bastard so many times. Thank the good Lord that we have wives that love us and a Savior who continues to shower grace all over us and redirect our eyes toward Him.


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