Jesus shows up

In front of me is a small light. I can see him. His light is weak. I can only see halfway toward my next step. The place where my foot will fall is dark, until it lands, and then he is there, lighting it. This is all he promises. Only this much light. For now. He is good, so I believe him. But he's mostly quiet. More like an ear than a mouth, and since he's a lamp, its hard to believe a lamp can hear at all, but he's good so I believe him. I forget. I forget that he is only lit this way because he knows how much light to give me, and not because he lacks the energy to light everything. Everything. I forget, and he reminds me. Its a flash and heat and it scares me and it feels like I am in love. I can see Everything. Then its dark again. Except for this little lamp. This good little lamp.


At 1/26/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

O so sweet. John


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