Thinking Ahead

Last night Amy and I decided she should be able go the gym again a few times a week or more. This sounds like no big deal, but I get really scared that suddenly I am going to have Brighton in my arms and work full time, and raise support, and go to church, and breathe, and eat... you can see where this is going. I'm just a chicken. I am going to eat chicken, I am not going to be one. Hon, have fun at the gym. Just pray for my puny chicken heart. ps. I AM looking forward to the day when Brighton will participate in the family workload. It's only a few years away.


At 1/31/2006, Anonymous Stephen Laughridge said...

I understand the whole puny chicken feeling...I was thinking today of all the stuff I have to do and then be a husband who continually should pursue Jesus, my wife, and my two sons in intimacy and then realize that I stink at all of it! I pray as Zecahriah prayed when he heard the news that his son John would be born who would be the appetizer to Jesus... "that the Sunrise from on High would visit us to shine light on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet in the path of peace..." Peace bro' Stephen

At 1/31/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh matthew, i love your heart. and i know that Jesus is laughing at all the puny chicken stuff. he eats up hearts like yours for lunch. and way to go stephen with the PERFECT prayer from z's mouth!!

At 1/31/2006, Anonymous eric St.Clair said...

Dude that is one sweet Tricycle. Is that a John Deere?


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