Self Portrait in Philadelphia

I took this shot recently while in University city. Its not really a great shot, but I thought there was something fun about the way that I had to remember how I got a shot of myself like this. I'll let you figure it out. In the meantime, the story behind this is that I was in University City meeting with my first real, live, client. I am doing my first web design for pay. The site will be up at the end of February, so I'll make sure to keep folks posted. I'm getting excited about how these skills might be viable part of ministry in London when we get over there. Hmm. Have a great day all.


At 2/03/2006, Anonymous the odd wife said...

Umm...I know. There was a monkey in a tree with a camera he stole from a passerby and he took YOUR picture as you were taking HIS picture, then you chased him down, beat him senseless like Walt Cummings, and stole that good-for-nothing creepy monkey's camera. Yeh! Down with monkeys!!

...am I right?

...do I get a prize?

At 2/06/2006, Anonymous Rebs said...

Amy, your comment made my Monday :)

I have no clue, really, but it kinda looks like you took a pic of one of the bulbous-mirror-traffic things...with you in it...

But I dunno...the monkey theory is pretty solid...


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