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First, a late Christmas present: Leftovers from Amy's bonus. I love having a smart wife, you get all kinds of neat things when her boss's think she deserves to know how much they appreciate her work :) So, between saving up on my own and a little help from household funds I purchased the next piece to add to my photography equipment. Check out these puppy's: On top is the bogen/manfrotto 3021bn Tripod leg Kit. These things aren't for backpacking. They're sturdy, and "hell for stout" as my dad is famous for saying. But how are supposed to put your camera on a set of legs? You're not. For that one needs (okay, wants) a quick release ball joint head (trigger grip). Since I'm not shooting my .40 cal as much these days at least I can pull this trigger now and then. This head allows for maximum maneuverability without the fuss of untightening and tightening multiple levers for a each shot. Lastly, is the first product I am purchasing with money I have made from my first sold website design. Amy and I have agreed to put 10% of gross back into my ability to work. Things that go under that heading are education, a new powerbook (someday), gear, gadgetry, and geekery that helps me do the work I am doing better. Thus I present, the Wacom Intuos 3 Pen Tablet. This is the stealth bomber of mice. The Intuos pen has incredible sensitivity. If I push harder the lines get heavier, darker, thicker. If I move at an angle, the brush I am using in Photoshop reflects those changes. What's really nerdy, is that if I turn it over, it acts as an eraser. Check it out. I just wanted to let everyone know, that while I am always talking about Jesus, I am still very much into "the world". I need Jesus because of how cool these things are. They are like little golden calves all wanting my devotion. Thank you Jesus for attaching me to you, thank you for the blessing of these new tools for creativity.


At 2/13/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

matt, that tablet looks amaaaazing.

your long-lost underling,


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