Saying Goodbye and then say Hello to...

Hey yall, Notice that I haven't written here in about FOREVER! Notice that my wife is getting to be the prolific one at blogging? Yeah me too. Well, there's a reason. I have been moving more toward artiswork.org as my main site, and now that is ready to check out. I am finished with the most recent redesign, and I will be doing all my writing from there now. If you are so inclined, and feel like making me smile, then get subscribed over there too, and if you care to look around, you'll find a lot of fun things that are going on. I have a rotating link list of some of my fave stuff I find on the web, as well as a rotating list of cd's, books, people, places etc, that I update frequently, you can find that stuff here. If you use RSS, feel free to grab the feed for it here, so that you can get updates on what I'm writing. Thanks yall, Matthew


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