Yes Amy is Alive TOO!

Despite what it may look like, yes, Amy is apart of this blog as well. Matthew is exploring this exciting new world of blogging, while I've look on from afar, butI thought I'd go ahead and say hello and welcome to this crazy new deal. I hope you ALL get one rolling for yourselves...it's a fun way to stay connected and up-to-date, since it usually seems to take at least 5 phone-tag calls to catch each other these days. Hope everyone has a happy & safe Thanksgiving. I'm excited for the Saturday AFTER Thanksgiving, when Matthew & I get our first Christmas tree....awww...(not really). I think I'm driving Matthew mad with my Christmas excitement, but ah well. Maybe I'll post some pics of my hilarious make-shift ornaments I've created to save a little cash. The tree-top star is the "best"!Return to main page


You can actually hear us!

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