Pappa Smith

Well, Amy is starting to really feel sick to her stomach - this morning sickness thing is real, although it doesn't seem to adhear to the "morning" part too steadfastly and as a sickness is willing to make Amy queezy just about any time of day. Please pray for her and the "hidden one" as I have enjoyed calling our little preborn. This is a part of a recent journal entry, I think it gets at how I am really feeling these days: Although there is still much fear, we are also beginning to celebrate by imagining. You are now my hidden one, and when you grow enough to know who you are I will call you a name, I will present you to God and I will call your name into heaven, although I will believe for most of your life that you are mine, I will sometimes know the truth, and then you will be most free to be God's should you break into him. Hidden one, I am yours more than you are mine. Your Father, Matthew Tomorrow I submit three portfolios....... to three schools. Each portfolio includes four letters of recommendation, a dvd, a cd, up to 20 slides of artworks created over the last two years, an artist statement, statemenents of intent, goals, or purpose, and transcripts from the University of Portsmouth, and Colorado State University. This has been quite an undertaking, but I am finally there. I will know, most likely, by the middle of March whether I have been accepted to any of these schools. This is also something to pray about, and not just for my acceptance as I believe I am following a call in that direction, but also for belief, that my Daddy in Heaven loves me enough to take me wherever He needs me. Let us know if you all read these things!
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one year down...almost

We just returned from Christmas down in VA...and SC. Hence the lack of entries over the past few days. We're working on a "mini smith" blog link so I can keep you all posted on the lastest with......."Elpon" (as my family has so fondly nicknamed it). We head off to NYC tomorrow for a weekend in the Big Apple, to celebrate our up-and-coming ONE YEAR!?! Umm, has a YEAR really passed? Crazy to believe. We're pumped to be house-sitting for a Redeemer couple in their Manhattan flat!! Free housing and the rest of our saved up cash to spend on dinner, a show, and just having fun. We're really excited! We'll be sure to bring back some pictures. Another new feature to come (hopefully) will be some actually MOVING shots with our new video camera. We're going to attempt to post some of those. We'll see if it all works or not though. Hope you all have a wonderful New Years. Keep us posted on your lives as well! And look for the new Mini Smith blog link in a few weeks...growing belly pictures, countdown and all...ha, ha (not quite yet!). Much love from the Smith household.
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The news!

Click on the triangle below and hear Matthew and Amy's big announcement, read more to see more.
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Have you heard the news?

This last Wednesday Amy and I discovered that Amy is pregnant and if God wills we will have a wee smith in our hands, sometime in August (my birthday month - My dad and I were both born on August 19th, and my Grandmother on the 24th). We covet your prayers. Amy and I are feeling pretty overwhelmed and long for "peace that passes understanding", but more than that we just want to be held as children ourselves in the capable hands of our loving Father in heaven.
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Crazy Christmas crackpots!

Have a look at these photos. You won't believe this!

Amy and I came across this house on the way home the other day. I have had nightmares since. I keep dreaming that Amy will make me work overtime on preparing for Christmas decorations like these poor dillusional souls! OUCH! Amy just hit me on the head. I guess I am a little biased on the issue! Ha. Happy Holidays yall!


Buddy Jesus?

Aren't you glad Jesus wasn't just hip?


Groggily Blogging at 6:15am

It's just after six a.m. this morning, and for the second week in a row, Amy and Iare trying to get up earlier. Five thirty is the official departure time from sleep land. We want to have slower mornings, at least less frantic mornings, where we might be more apt to spend some time relating to Jesus. It can be hard work, but we are actually sleeping better by getting up earlier, or seem to be for the time being. Anyhow, goodmorning (I am assuming it is morning somewhere, and that you may read this in the morning at some point - if this page gets read at all!?) I hope everyone is well this Christmas season.

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Famdamily Thanksgiving

Charlottesville was homebase this year for Thanksgiving. We had the whole fam there, including the loud, though well accepted newcomer - Matthew. Look at all the Turkeys! We honestly had a great ol' time, and we are still full.


Mr. Smarty-pants

Well actually he is pretty smart...check out this cool new home page for our blog!?! My brilliant husband :0) I don't know how he does it, but he's figuring this whole thing out to actually make it worth your while to visit our blog and hang around checking out our pictures and thoughts. Enjoyable aesthetics always makes it easier to deal with browsing through countless wedding and house photos. Well the wedding photos aren't up yet, but will be soon. On another note, here's a random tid-bit for Tuesday. Our highlight of the day...Season 3 of 24 just came out TODAY and Netflix already sent us the first two disks! Woo-hoo! So we apologize to everyone we recently made plans with...we'll be holed up in our house for the next few weeks until we get through all 7 disks. Sorry if you don't understand, you will...once you go down to your local Blockbuster and rent the first few disks of Season 1 (if you haven't seen it yet). I promise, no one will see you but the lucky-Blockbuster employees as you dart in and out over the next few weeks frantically grabbing disk 2, then 3, then 4...trust me. Just try it, I dare you :0) Return to main page


my new favorite winter beer!

Check this puppy out!
I recently got into this one after a long day at the thrift store. It was ripe with bold cherry tarts, and a great kick on the tongue from a healthy dose of carbonation. I AM NOT A FRUITY BEER FAN, but this stuff really makes one realize that fruit does not = sweet. The big bottle is head-dipped in red wax, making this an elegant and old world looker.
750ml of pure fermented goodness.
check out New Glarus!
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Well the weather here in Philly really is frightful...and there's no fire to be "delightful"...besides a tiny flickering candle. We're back here in Philly afterspending Thanksgiving in the Ville and life is already back in full swing. Matthew continues to work on his portfolio for grad school which he hopes to turn in over the next couple of weeks. I'm chugging away here at work...having taken an unexpected detour on my commute yesterday, missing my bus and wandering through an unknown town for an hour before showing up two hours late for work. Yes, public transportation CAN be relaxing...when it all goes as planned. We just wanted to say hello, especially to our family who like the frequent updates. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are now enjoying the Christmas hoopla. Much love to you all. Return to main page