Well, it's official, we're an utter mess!

Just wanted to let everyone know, that if you feel like a mess, you're not alone. You have friendship in Amy and Matthew, the messketeers. If you pray, you may consider laying one on us. We both want to remember that it is a greater thing to be owned......by God as his Son and Daughter than it is to do life well, or correctly, or even with great gusto, or in such a way that you will leave a legacy when your all done here on earth. Ever feel like you work harder so that you feel like you are worth something? Yeah, me too. But what if we are worth something because someone else has earned our reputation for us? What then Matthew? What then Amy? What then strange person who actually reads Matthew's dribble?
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The Big Storm!

What's up yall? The sky is falling out here! We have about 14 inches of snow between last night and this morning. It feels like home. The big Eagles game is tonight, and you can bet this snow isn't going to stop any of the nutty fans. Cuckooo! Anyway, happy Saturday yall. Ps. Have a listen to the audio blog below.
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Saturday Morning

Good Morning everyone, happy Saturday. Today I started my day off without an alarm, about 7:00am, I just got up. I am heading over to a bedraggled storage facility for the thrift store, and I will be... ...overseeing an internal renovation ( I like that, IRS = Internal Renovation Service ). Amy is in the city as of last night, spending some good time with her friends, one of whom is in Philly for a conference. We are both thinking a lot about the baby these days. Our next appointment with the midwife is coming up. We have a lot on our plates, but in many ways we are more content with each other than anything else. In the midst of trial there seems to be a deeper appreciation for your spouse, who is your alli? Maybe that's what attracts me to Jesus, the thought of him even bearing the brunt of my suffering, but really being a co-sufferer in order that we might be more unified? Hmm, I will have to think on that one for a bit?
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Amy is so weird. Which would make me "off my rocker". If you want to see us goofballs at work CLICK HERE! or look for the link under "Famdamily Tunes and Tubes". If your computer won't let you play it, you may try downloading the free quicktime player. Its a safe download and a great player for all kinds of movie trailers and music all over the web.Quicktime Download. Pretty weird huh!
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Back from the BIG APPLE

Not that "big apple"... ...this big apple. Amy and I just returned from our first year anniversary spent in New York in the flat of a friend of a friend for free (say that fast five times). We had a wonderful time eating out and just taking a lot in. Check out Mama Mexico, where we ate on New Year's Eve : Click Here! We were able to see one of my favorite artist's works: Bill Viola at the Whitney Museum. This is one shot of the video work he did. Everything was in extreme slow motion. Thank you to everyone for helping us make our first year together really woderful. As usual feel free to email usand let us know how you are doing.