Feeling Rothko

As usual one of Mark Rothko's paintings gets at my emotions with uncanny precision, or maybe its that I feel in good company when I am with them. On the one hand I am disapointed because I did not get into Tyler School of Art, the Graduate school I was most hoping to attend, on the other hand, I have been given a $3.50 raise and my position at the thrift store is changing to that of "operations consultant", on the third hand - if there is such a thing.... ...I am restfully waiting (for once!) to hear back about the other Graduate schools I applied to, in particular, Rutgers University. So for the time being I am wrestling with how to hold things loosely, believing God's grip on me is the imperitive grip, and in view of that, my own handle on life looses its intensity, and authority. O that I might believe! If you are a prayer, I can always use your prayers in this matter, whether I ask for it or not.
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Hey yall family and friends! I have started artiswork.org and have posted a blog to the site. I am interested in talking about art in general, but especially what art might be? I'm generally not sure, even though I call myself an artist. I have been trying to understand the implications of what that means for the last 7 years or so, ever since I started trying to be educated to "be an artist" or to learn more about art. What is more important about a great painting, than a great motor? Why, when both are kept in pristine condition, will one gain in value over time while the other will generally lose value? What happens when an artist makes a motor? What happens when an artist blows up a balloon like Piero Manzoni? Read about the artist. take a look at artiswork.org/blog..........