Check out the new house pics!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com We finally got the new Smith abode pictures up and rolling for you all to peruse through. So head over to the Famdamily Photos (to the right of the screen) and then click on the Our House link, "McCallum St". Let us know what you think! If you're in the area, you should join us on May 7th, starting at 7pm, for the rockin' Smith House Warming party! Feel free to email us for directions. Enjoy your weekend folks. We're gonna head to McNally's Tavern for a Schmitter this evenin. Mmm, if you live around these parts you should not only come to our party, but ALSO head to Chestnut Hill to check out those tasty tailored "cheesesteaks". Check em out at www.chestnuthillfood.com/mcnallys


our new home

Image hosted by Photobucket.com A little "after work treat" for my hard workin' hubby. He's spending his time as an art handler these days which has proven to be a tough, time-consuming endeavor. His first week of work last week was probably a 50+ one which we had no idea was coming, so it's been hard, needless to say. But we're learning to adjust and trust Christ as the Author of our Story and Sustainer of our tired bodies. We're slowly getting more settled in to our new home and enjoying being closer to our friends and to the city. We'll hopefully get some pictures of our place over the next few weeks and switch them out with our old place. The weather has turned warmer and everything seems to be blooming, which always helps lift the spirits. Tonight we're going out to a local pub for our much-needed date night and a chance to just chill out together. How do people do this life with so many commitments and events and things to get done? We don't even have a child yet and we're reeling from the fast pace of our days lately! Guess you just learn to adjust and move into fighting for your time instead of just expecting to have it. We're learning how to put things on the back burner (literally, like dinner last night, so we could enjoy the last few hours of sun!) and take whatever chance we have to lay in the grass together or read books in bed together and just be still. It has to be a discipline or all your days are gone before you know it :0) We're trying to squeeze in a fly-fishing trip before I can barely squeeze in to my waders anymore. So the warm weather has gotten that idea under our skin...which we're going to have to fight off the time-feinds to make that happen soon! Love from A & M Image hosted by Photobucket.com